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Sandie's Psychic Stones:
-This is such a help to me. Thank you for writing this special book. D., Marshfield, Wisconsin
-Great information! I am so glad I bought this book. T., Phoenix, Arizona
-This book is magickal. W., Brennerton, Washington

St. Mary's:
-It is a wonderful book and very accurate and the photos are wonderful. Sandie, you did a great job....Thank you for writing it. The first Virginia City book written truthfully and may there be many more from you. It's so refreshing to read a book that wasn't written by people’s accounts over a drink in a bar...keep up the good work. Arline LaFerry, Head Researcher for the Nevada Historical Society.

-This book is amazing! Vicki, Gardnerville
-You can feel Sandie in the book as you read each page. Carol, Sparks, Nevada

Silver Ghosts:
-You really get to the meat of a subject. K. Genoa, Nevada
-This book is filled with so much information, it is amazing you were able to get it all in just one book. T., Salida, Colorado
-Two writers and two formats of stories...the best of both worlds. Great facts! S., Hemet, California

Ghost Hunter's Guide Book:
-This book is for everyone. I have been a ghost hunter for years and learned even more from your book. Thanks so much! J., Ontario, Canada
-This is one great book! B., Reno, Nevada
-Everyone needs this book! R., Sparks, Nevada
-I am so glad I ordered this book from you. It is full of just what I've been wanting to learn. D., Oskaloosa, Iowa
-What a fantastic book for the novice! Ontario, Canada

Thin Veil Investigations:
-I would be so scared to do what I have read about in your book! B., Syracuse, New York.
-People clamor to know more about our store you wrote about in the book. They "ooo" and "ahh" that you found ghosts here! K., Virginia City, Nevada
-Wow....You find so much when you investigate! M., Magalia, California

St. Charles Hotel:
-This is a great book! I couldn’t put it down! C. Gardnerville, Nevada
-When I vacation to Nevada, the St. Charles Hotel is the first stop on my agenda. Thank you for writing such an informative book! D., Jackson, Tennessee
-You have written one fine book. And thank you for including me in the stories. J., Dayton, Nevada

Spirit Sightings:
-I can't believe how many people have spirit encounters. It is amazing! H., Raleigh, S. Carolina
-I loved this book. It made me feel not so all alone because I saw something that scared me. C., Las Vegas, Nevada

The Dake House:
-The Dake House looks amazing on the outside and sounds facinating on the inside!!! I find it so exciting that you can see and communicate with the spirits there and well, everywhere! B., Tulsa, Oklahoma
-I loved this book. I always try to visit the Dake house when I am in the area, so a book about the historical and paranormal location is wonderful. M., Houston, TX

The Old Genoa Bar:
-What a great book for a Nevada Icon! William, Genoa, Nevada
-I couldn't put it down. I read the entire book in one sitting. Michael J. Smith, South Lake Tahoe, California
-Your books are always so interesting. Many historic authors write boring facts. Not you however. Your books are captivating! I enjoyed every page! S.Steele. Carson City, Nevada
-I plan on visiting the Genoa Bar one day...your book piques my curiosity about the history and the ghosts! L. T., Alabama

E. D. Sweeney Building:
-The inside of this building is beautiful! A. L., Sparks, Nevada
-I wish I could investigate the Sweeney building - it sounds like there are great ghosts 'living' there! Caren B., Washington
-A very nicely written book about an original store in Carson City, Nevada. Stephan, Carson City, Nevada
-Interesting and informative read!! Will visit this bookstore when I'm in NV again! Michael, California
-Rich history and Lots of ghosts. Your books are always so interesting to read Sandie! Lara, Gardnerville, Nevada

Weird Reno:
-What an awesome book! C. Dayton
-This is an interesting book to read. Reno must be an exciting city! D. Iowa.
-You and Arline make a great writing team! K. Sacramento, California
-This book is simply packed with facts about Reno's history. I Loved it! M., Reno, Nevada

An Ode To Ghosts:
-Great book. Now I know how you deal with ghosts. Jack A. - Sparks, NV
-Sandie writes poems to the ghosts she has seen. Now how cool is that? D. H. - Iowa
-Some scary poems here. An interesting book! B.W. - N. Carolina

Weird 'Haunted' Virginia City:
-Phenomenal reading! K. H. ~ Washington
-This is scary. D. S. ~ Carson City
-What an epic read!! ~ A. J. Sparks
-This book really says it all about the hardships in a western 19th century mining town. W. W. ~ S. Carolina
-Your books are extraordinary! A. P. ~Toronto, Canada

Weird Carson City:
Impressive...very impressive. W. N. North Carolina
I couldn't put it down. I had to read it all in one sitting. D. H. Ohio
I had no idea our State Capital was so interesting! B. G. Dayton, Nevada

Weird Silver Terrace Cemetery:
"I really like this book. You did a great job researching and writing it." F. Beckert, Tempe, AZ
A very captivating read! F. F. Comstock, TX
The amount of information in this book is amazing....it is so interesting too. Thomas A. Utah

Doc Durden:
-What an interesting fellow. C. H. New Mexico.
-Doc sure has experienced much in his life. Thomas N. Sparks, NV.
-Have seen his bull whip demonstration....top notch! Benjamin Harrow Dayton, NV
-Thank you for writing a book about a favorite cowboy of mine. D. S. Texas

Alpine Hotel:
-Great history! Drew...Sacramento, California
-I would love to investigate this building top to bottom. J. N. Fresno, California
-Your books are so informative and interesting to read. Thank you for the Alpine Hotel book. C. Carpenter. Carson City, NV

Buckland Station:
- A great book about this historic building! Nevada Parks and Recreation.
- It is a fascinating place and now we have a book to learn even more about the Station. H. James, Yerington, NV
- We have driven by the Buckland Station so many times, we finally stopped in. And now that we have your book we know the history of it! Thank you. Susan Stryker. Tonapah, Nevada.

Nevada's Oldest Hotel - Gold Hill Hotel:
- We are so happy to have book written for our Hotel! Patrick McNamee: Gold Hill Hotel Owner
- We knew that hotel was haunted! We loved reading your book! Gwen Hastings. Sacramento, California.
- So interesting the history that you have written. I have visited the hotel for dinner and exploration many times and it is exciting to learn more about this building. Thomas K. Silver Springs, NV

Silver Terrace Spiritualists:
- Such interesting history! T. Avalon. England.
- “Soul sisters” for sure. F.V. Fresno, California
- History & Psychics make for a great book about the Comstock. S. Leonard. Nevada

Foreman-Roberts House
- I have always wondered what that cute house was about. Thank you. Tina W. Carson City, NV
- Excellent Carson City history. M. Melville. Dayton, NV
- We visited the house and now we know more about it with your book. J. & K. Williams. Stateline, NV

Weird Sparks
- This city needed a book! Christine Johnson: Director of Sparks Museum and Cultural Center, Sparks, NV
- Thank you for writing a book about the city I live in. So many facts I never knew. Cecilia J. Sparks, NV
- I need to visit! Mac McKenna. Dallas, TX

Eilley- Riches To Rags At Bowers Mansion
- So very interesting! Rita Carr, Reno, NV
- Nevada is full of such rich history. Your book is tops! H. Cable. S. Carolina
- Eilley Bowers was a true pioneer of your state. B.R. Richards. Indiana

An Ode To Haunted Buildings
- It is very interesting (and scary!) where you have been. J. Mason. Gardnerville, NV
- 'Bravery' must be your middle name. :~) Susan T. Stagecoach, NV
- We need you on our investigations! D. W. Incline Village, NV

Joseph A. Conboie
- Love the book. He was quite a fellow. J. Fischer. Minden, NV
- Sounds like Joseph is another Virginia City icon. S. Smyth, Virginia City, NV
- You find the most interesting topics for your books. This one is too. Darla Phillips. Sacramento, Calif.
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