This book is a great read for the history buff, as well as those interested in the paranormal as La Nae blends both the Wild West Past and the Haunted Present to create a tribute to this enduring landmark, and to the phantom "non-paying" inhabitants.

The St. Charles Hotel holds the esteemed honor of being a continuously operated hostelry since the summer of 1862 when the doors were first opened, and has been part of the community that grew from a United States territory into a State Capital. The Hotel has seen many changes in owners, in managers, in names. Originally built for elegance, it fell in to squalor a hundred years later. But thanks to Robert McFaddon's love of the old hotel, it became the most beautiful building in downtown Carson.

The St. Charles Hotel is also very haunted, as discovered by local author Sandie La Nae and the ghost hunting team she is part of "Thin Veil Investigators," who have regularly investigated the hotel since 2005.
St. Charles Hotel
The Wild West Past - The Haunted Present
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