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about Simone the Filmographer
How did your interest in photography and videography come about?

Initially I dabbled in videography in high school out of curiosity (back in the days of reels and splicing!), but did nothing with it afterwards. Like with most people, my early videos were the home video and tourists-with-cameras types.

Several years ago I was introduced to my first Mac computer and iMovie, and a whole new world of creative possibilities of visual story telling opened for me. At the beginning I learned and explored this new medium by creating visual stories with photos I had taken since that was all I had. Later on I began to use videos, and ever since it's been a fantastic process of creating video content on A Road Retraveled.

In many cases photographs and videos work hand in hand to create a visual story. Videos can be created from still photos, so they are pretty versatile in their use.

Photography to me has been about capturing a moment in time and having that visual moment forever imprinted in a photograph to be remembered. Often it's exciting to see how a camera captures an image different from the human eye.

I am particularly fond of taking photos with my iPhone: it's always handy, has excellent photo taking technology, and with so many wonderful photo apps I can turn a simple photo into a creative work of art by using technological elements to convey a message or an emotion to tell a story with just a simple image.


What have been your filming interests and favorite places to film?

My interests have always been places of historic and cultural significance as they offered me the opportunities to learn a great deal about them during my filmmaking explorations. In the U.S., a favorite place was New also helped that I knew great people there who, as long time locals of NYC, shared with me places that a random visitor would not know about. New York has always been an exciting place for me to experience and explore with a camera.

Another favorite place is Italy. To me, its beauty, extensive history and rich culture is incomparable. From ancient civilizations to modern Italian way of life, Italy fascinates me. So for these reasons, New York and Italy have been prominent subjects in most of the A Road Retraveled shows.

Though most A Road Retraveled videos are travel themed, they also aim to educate and inform the a way, some are bits of travel documentaries.

I look for opportunities to tell the story and history of a place, discover things unknown or lesser known, and introduce it to the viewers in a well rounded informative way that, hopefully, is also visually appealing. Each video is aimed to achieve that goal and purpose: educate, inform and entertain.


Have you been involved in other projects other than A Road Retraveled?

I have collaborated with others in the past to create educational, historical and travel oriented visual content. My favorite by far had been travel oriented videos because that's my passion.


What is your favorite equipment to film with? And do you like to be in front of the camera?

I am happy with any type of camera and I've used everything from an iPhone to a Canon XF100.... In between I have used other types of Canon cameras that I found practical for their size and portability.

I learned over time that it's not the camera that matters most, but the creativity behind it and how the images they produce are being used. I've created great videos with just a simple Canon I won't limit myself by the type of camera, I will make do and create great video content no matter to tools I have at my fingertips...after all, it's all a creative process from start to finish.

At times it helps to be in front of the camera, but I prefer the star of the show to be the actual place being featured....I'm not fond of "talking heads", especially when there are so many beautiful places to show and opportunities to create a visual story. The videos I create are not about me, but about the place I want to share with the viewers....I just help facilitate the process.


What inspired you to create Psychic Archaeology?

This is an easy one: Sandie and her magnificent gifts and abilities inspired me because Psychic Archaeology takes travel literally to a new dimension with new possibilities to learn and discover unimaginable things!

Italy has a deep history that goes back to pre-Roman civilizations...significant eras have passed through Italy leaving behind vestiges of their existence. Many remains and artifacts can be found as ruins and preserved in museums from which much has been learned about their origins through extensive studies and research. Of course much has been lost to time and much has yet to be discovered. To truly learn about a place you may have to "travel" back in time 2 thousand years or more...and trace it through the different eras until you arrive to its present state.

Sandie's remarkable abilities have either confirmed various historical aspects, or shed light on things and situations about which information is limited or lost. It's been quite a fascinating journey!
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