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The Thin Veil Investigators Team is an independent Ghost Hunting group, based in Carson City, Nevada, U.S.A. We research and explore possible paranormal activity in houses, businesses, objects, and many other public and private sites and locations.
Thin Veil Investigators has "captured" the Paranormal!
See some of our favorite pictures of spirits that we've recorded.
If you have a Question on a photo you took of a possible apparition or orb, we'd be more than happy to look at the picture to give you our opinion of what was captured.
About us, Thin Veil Investigators, and our perspective regarding spirits and paranormal investigations.
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Books for Ghost Hunters, Endorsed by Thin Veil Investigators.
A Ghost Hunter's Guide For Investigations of the Paranormal, Sandie of T.V.I. has penned many books, with themes of the paranormal and historical, educational, and of the divinitory and healing properties of minerals.
We are ALWAYS conducting research, especially with regard to historical locations, persons and circumstances that have led, or may lead, to understanding causes of paranormal activity in buildings we have (or will) investigate;

We are often called to investigate sites to attempt to clarify both potential and current paranormal activity;

When specifically requested, we have engaged in the difficult task of removing negative or unwanted spirit-related energies;

We teach about ghosts and ghost hunting, both to private citizens and the occasional scheduled public class;

We are also regularly consulted by private citizens about possible paranormal manifestations in their digital photographs and recorded media (for potential E.V.P., etc.)
We document and record our investigative findings and experiences, and (if possible) capture video, audio and photographs of spirits, energy orbs, apparitions, and other spectral and paranormal phenomena.
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