Thin Veil Investigators
Discreetly Encountering Your Ghosts
Genoa ParaCon 2012
G u e s t    S p e a k e r s
Held at the Town Hall in Historic Genoa, Nevada
Janice Oberding
Speaks About
Historian In The
Kim Copel
Speaks About
Genoa Historic
Ghost Tours
Sandie La Nae
Speaks About
Psychics In
Ghost Hunting
Richard Salva
Speaks About
The Yoga Of
Ghost Hunting


TVI Team member, Sandie La Nae will teach Dowsing Rods
as a means of spirit communication.


Raffle Donations:
2012 Genoa Paracon host, Thin
Veil Investigators ghost hunting
team member,  and Founder of
& Tour Guide of Genoa
Historic Ghost Tours, Kim
Copel will talk about idea of
sharing a historic town's history
in a way that promotes tourism
through a venue that is popular
with today's society...Walking
Ghost Tours. She will also give
a synopsis of what you will
experience on the guided tour
set for Sunday at 10:00 am.
2012 Genoa Paracon
host, Thin Veil
Investigators ghost
hunting team member,
noted psychic and
author, Sandie La Nae
will speak to the guests
about being a psychic in
the field of ghost hunting.
A subject that will
present clarification of a
controversial subject as
well as clarification in
just what a psychic gift is.
Author and Lecturer,
Janice Oberding of
“Haunted Nevada” will
be speaking about being
a historian in the
paranormal world. Her
many years of expertise
in this area, as well as
her vast experiences in
the paranormal brings
forth a fascinating,
interesting and
informative subject for
all to hear.
Author, Lecturer and Meditation
Instructor, Richard Salva will be
speaking of his newest book,
“The Yoga In Ghost Hunting.”
This book has fascinating and
informative psychic protection
tips and techniques derived from
Yoga, an ancient spiritual science
that offers helpful and insightful
answers to questions about the
paranormal.Richard presents his
thirty-five years of studying and
practicing the deeper teachings of
yoga for our Paracon Guests.
Janice Oberding will teach you how to publish your own
paranormal masterpiece.
J. H. Davis General Merchandise Store
Genoa Bar
Genoa Looking North
Mormon Station Sign
Snowshoe Thompson

TVI Team member, Shantell Davis will talk about Twenty
Most Common Ghost Hunting Mistakes.
Pink House
Dake House
Mark Sardari
Speaks About
Ethical Morality In
Anecdotal Research
2012 Paracon host,
Writer and Public
Speaker, Mark
Sardari will be talking
about the importance
of research pursued
by the layman as a
basis for encouraging
inquiry by the
community, as well
he offers a unique
perspective on
anecdotal evidence.
TVI Team member, Mark Sardari will talk about Talismans
& Protections and offer a formula for a cleansing elixir.
Property Manager,
Angela Zelasko
donates a St. Mary
Louise Hospital
Night Shirt
TVI member,
Kath'lene donates
a handmade
Owner Martha
Williams donates
a gift certificate.
TVI donates a
ghost hunt
Kim Copel, founder of Genoa Historic
Ghost Tours donates a Tour for two
and 2 signed "The Healing Powers of
Chocolate"  books
Gene Munnings
donates a gift
TVI  member Mark
Sardari donates 4
Sikuli weavings
TVI member Sandie La Nae donates a
signed "Ghost Hunters Guide" book,
Psychic Stone Reading,
Handmade Hemp Jewelry,  Incense
Stone Cast Divination set
More Information Coming!
Janice Oberding
donates one of her
fabulous books
Richard Salve
donates a signed
"Soul Journey" book
The Wild Rose Inn
Includes a Full Breakfast!
TVI Team member, Kath'leen will talk about Understanding
Cultural Differences.
A Spirit Gathering is a general call to spirits
who wish to communicate. Also we will
attempt to contact the spirits of some of
the noted, famous and  infamous who
formed Genoa's history.
Mark Sardari and Sandie La Nae will
conduct the Spirit Gathering.
Ghost Hunts will be lead by Kim Copel,
founder of Genoa Historic Ghost Tours
and team members of Thin Veil
Investigators, who will share special
historical and paranormal accounts from
Genoa's past and present.
TVI Team member, Ty Welch
will be tending the ParaCon
Donations Table and Raffle.
These local businesses are generously offering a 10% - 27.1% discount
off of gifts, souvenirs, curios, beverages, foods and
antiques for those who show their Paracon bracelet.
Offer is good March 9, 10 and 11, 2012

Local Businesses:
Gifts and Curios
Beverages and Souvenirs
Rustic Romance Guest Cottage
Framed Cherub Painting
Gourmet Foods and Gifts
Necklace, Diffuser,
Painting, Perfume Set,
Candle Set, Printer
Paper, Hair Care
Products, Zumba Class
Gift Certificate, Fairy
Garden Statue
Outpost donates
a Food Gift
"Genoa Trading
Company" gives
us a gift to raffle.
We encourage you to bring cameras and
recorders. If you would like to share what
anomalies you caught on film, or what
EVP was captured on recording devices,
I will be creating a follow up "Paracon
Picture" page just for this purpose. It will
be an honor to add your items to the pages.