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All Pendulums include a mini dowsing chart, and an instruction sheet
Tumble Polished
Brown Tiger Eye
4.95 ea.
Tumble Polished
4.95 ea.
Tumble Polished
4.95 ea.
Tumble Polished
Black Onyx
4.95 ea.
Tumble Polished
Clear Quartz
4.95 ea.
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Quartz Crystal
Gem Elixer
2 fl. oz. Cobalt Blue Spray
Pump top Bottle
$7.95 each
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Serendipitous Sets of Tumbled Stones
Confused at the vasty selection of stones and don't know what to choose?
Let the
Universe decide for you!
You simply decide on how many stones you want!
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If you would like the energy
of a stone you purchase to
be enhanced,  let me know
and I will program and attune
it with the specific and added
strength or properties for
your particular needs.
* About Gem and Crystal Elixers *
Resonant Mist Quartz Crystal Gem Elixer
... stimulates proper growth and aids the body's own healing processes.
... is a vibrational tool used to support your life's experience in all areas.

... is a special and wonderful way to support inner emotional balance,
helping to create serenity, a feeling of well-being, and joy in one's life!
There is an effect between Crystals and the human body.  In your body, there is an attunement, a type of interaction, between the
crystalline properties in the physical and subtle energies, known as the ethers.

Many vibrational based remedies, notably gem and crystal elixers, have been created to encourage positive attunement in the ethers. This
occurs when the resonance of our own bodily liquid crystal (and other internal crystalline structures) comes in contact with an external
crystalline resonance, like from a crystal or gem elixer.

The ethers in the body magnify the energies of vibrational remedies to a recognizable level to be assimilated. This allows for a more
balanced distribution of various energies in correct frequencies; which stimulates health and assists in the discharge of toxicity.
~ ~ ~
A Gem Elixer is created using an alchemical process utilizing light, crystals, water, and energy.
The resultant liquid is then preserved, and bottled for use.
To be used as a supplemental aid to healing & well being.

Product not intended to replace doctor's care or prescription.
8.50 ea.
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