(no sand)
Includes 7 distinct stones to assist you in Cleansing, and Aligning your
Chakras to promote good health and vital energies in Body, Mind and Spirit.
Includes 6 distinct stones to assist you in seeking love, a return to Love,
and to help remind you how precious Friendships are in your life
Includes 6 distinct stones to encourage personal involvement in your
prosperity, and assist your return to, and maintenance of, proper health.
Includes 6 distinct stones to assist in protecting you from, and banishing
negative energies, thoughts, and attachments out of your life and environment.
Includes 6 distinct stones to assist in peace of mind, maintenance of calm and
balance, and removal of obstacles to your clarity of mind, vision and purpose.
Calm & Clarity
All Stone Energy Sets include a velour bag for your stones, and an instruction sheet
$5.95 ea.
$5.95 ea.
$5.95 ea.
$5.95 ea.
$5.95 ea.
$12.95 ea.
Includes 6 distinct stones to assist in your recovery from traumatic events in
life; encouraging balance, healing, awareness, forgiveness and renewal.
Trauma Recovery
$5.95 ea.
Serendipitous Sets of Tumbled Stones
Confused at the vasty selection of stones and don't know what to choose?
Let the
Universe decide for you!

You simply decide on how many stones you want!
These sets are selected randomly from the $0.75 tumbled stones...see tumbled stones page.

Note: These are reduced cost sets, and only come with a name "tag" for each stone;
metaphysical uses information and annotations for the stones are extra.
10 Stone Set $5.00

10 Stone Set With
Info $6.00
15 Stone Set $7.50

15 Stone Set With
Info $9.00
20 Stone Set $10.00

20 Stone Set With
Info $12.00
Includes 6 distinct stones to assist in prosperity, success, ease and satisfaction
in your Store, Business or of your Services Rendered.
$tone $et
$5.95 ea.
Includes 10 distinct stones and a casting chart specifically
designed by Sandie to help bring thorough answers to a concern
or issue.  A divination tool for detailed analysis.  
Stone Cast
$12.95 ea.
Divination Stone Set - click to enlarge
Chakra Stone Set - click to enlarge
Love Stone Set - click to enlarge
Prosperity Stone Set - click to enlarge
Banishment Stone Set - click to enlarge
Calm & Clarity Stone Set - click to enlarge
Trauma Recovery Stone Set - click to enlarge
Merchant $tone $et - click to enlarge
Stone Cast  - click to enlarge
Includes 3 distinct stones.  This specifically empowered "talisman" is intended
to keep you from paranormal harm during an investigation of spectral activity.
Spirit Seeker's
$4.95 ea.
Includes a set of 14 distinct stones that you can use to divine
information and supportive advice (the way Sandie does) to help
you along your personal journey of discovery.
(Divination using stones, rocks and/or crystals)
All Lithomancy Sets include a velour bag for your stones, and an instruction sheet
Spirit Protection - click to enlarge
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Includes 6 distinct stones to assist in your journey toward positive energies,
inner health, contentment and satisfaction of your life and efforts.
Joy & Happiness
$5.95 ea.
Mini Zen Stone Garden
Mini Zen Stone Garden - click to enlarge
click to enlarge

(with white sand)
Japanese rock gardens often called "Zen gardens," were influenced mainly by Zen
Buddhism and can be found at Zen temples of meditation. Unlike other traditional
gardens, there is no water present in Zen gardens; instead there is gravel or sand.  
Zen Gardens can be extremely abstract and represent (miniature) landscapes also
called "mindscapes".

These gardens are mainly used for meditation, but are also created and maintained
because they are beautiful.
This Mini Zen Stone Garden is complete with handpainted tray and
mini-rake, a set of mini-stones for your garden (and for metaphysical
use), a meditation guide, and instructions on how to use your stones to
increase your focus and results during meditations.  
Mini stones included for your Mini Zen Stone Garden are:
Starry Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Sunstone, Serpentine, Aquamarine,
Crystal Shard, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, and Rose Quartz
This item may be purchased with, or
without  the white sand for your garden.
Includes 6 distinct stones to assist you during vacation or journey, also aids in
the creation of a welcoming atmosphere for a traveler arriving in your home.
$5.95 ea.