A complete kit for all of your Smudging and Cleansing needs,
together in one inexpensive package.
3" Bundle
$1.95 ea.
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A complete kit for
Smudging and Cleansing
This Kit contains the following:
~ 1 Mini White Sage Smudging Bundle
~ A package of Sea Salt
~ A package of Cleansing/Purification Herb Blend
~ 4 Pieces of Obsidian
~ 4 10" Incense sticks
~ Rosewood Incense Burner
(optional with purchase)

AND Instructions for Use
1 Complete Kit -
w/Incense Burner
White Sage Smudging Bundles
Cleansing/Purification Herb Blend
A Blend of Four Purifying Herbs, designed for
Strewing or Scattering to aid your Cleansing efforts.

Contains: Mugwort, Rosemary, Thyme and Hyssop
¾ oz. Bag
$ 2.95 ea.
Sea Salt - Large Crystal
2 oz. Bag
$1.00 ea.
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Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets
Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets - click to enlarge
1 Roll
(10 tablets)
$2.95 ea.
Charcoal tablets are great for burning loose
incense, herbs and powders.

These tablets burn evenly, and light easily.
Complete Smudging and Cleansing Kit
(was $12.99)
Now $8.50
1 Complete Kit -
No Burner
30% Off Total retail of individual items!!
(was $10.49)
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