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This is magic; not to change others, or the world, but to change You.
Constructed from many substances energetically harmonizing with the Seven Major Kingdoms
of the Physical realm, our Arcane Periapt is an Alchemical tool of White Magic at its finest.
Become Harmonious and Balanced.

This Periapt brings aid toward clarity of purpose;
harmony between thought, feeling, and action;
helps calm the internal struggle against
Acceptance and Love.
Become More than you are now and Evolve.

This Periapt brings aid toward the development of
all energies that help you become more attuned,
aware and reaching for enlightenment of all kinds.
Become Fruitful and Energized.

This Periapt brings aid toward the development of,
and reconnection to, internal motivation, focus,
desire, and the ability to prosper.
Become Strengthened and Healthy.

This Periapt brings aid toward the restoration of
the natural balances of all physical planes, bringing
back vitality, strength, endurance, and healing.
Return to the You That You Should Be.

This Periapt brings aid to continue on without
falling back into the past; promotes release from
pain and harmful habits, to make way for the True
You unfettered.
Become Strong, Secure, and Unafraid.

This Periapt brings aid toward maintaining personal
integrity and protective boundaries against
debilitating fear; promotes confidence and the
positive awareness of one’s skills and abilities.
* A Periapt is a magical fetish that is to be worn on the body, usually hung around neck, waist, wrist, or ankle.
$7.95 ea.
$7.95 ea.
$7.95 ea.
$7.95 ea.
$7.95 ea.
$7.95 ea.
Each are made individually by hand, especial and distinct,
for the purpose of assisting with the Transmutation of Being.
Let these Arcane Periapt add their Power to yours, and help with the growth
of your many selves - physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and spiritual.
Price Includes Shipping
Price Includes Shipping
Price Includes Shipping
Price Includes Shipping
Price Includes Shipping
Price Includes Shipping
(Actual Size of Periapt- 1¾" x 1")
Arcane Periapt - click to enlarge
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(with white sand)

(no sand)
Mini Zen Stone Garden
Mini Zen Stone Garden - click to enlarge
click to enlarge
Japanese rock gardens often called "Zen gardens," were influenced mainly by Zen
Buddhism and can be found at Zen temples of meditation. Unlike other traditional
gardens, there is no water present in Zen gardens; instead there is gravel or sand.  
Zen Gardens can be extremely abstract and represent (miniature) landscapes also
called "mindscapes".

These gardens are mainly used for meditation, but are also created and maintained
because they are beautiful.
This Mini Zen Stone Garden is complete with handpainted tray and
mini-rake, a set of mini-stones for your garden (and for metaphysical
use), a meditation guide, and instructions on how to use your stones to
increase your focus and results during meditations.  
Mini stones included for your Mini Zen Stone Garden are:
Starry Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Sunstone, Serpentine, Aquamarine,
Crystal Shard, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, and Rose Quartz
This item may be purchased with, or
without  the white sand for your garden.
Each 100% cotton tapestry is 72" x 108" (6 ft by 9 ft),
and can be displayed on the long or short axis.
$24.95 each
Zodiac in Red/black
Celtic Knot Mandala in Blue
Sun in Gold
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