These Charts contain Metaphysical and Occult Information on a Wide Variety of Subjects and Topics.
All Charts are printed double-sided on 8½" x 11" parchment card stock
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Magickal Properties of Stones
A Quick Reference Guide to 116 Common and Uncommon
Metaphysical Stones and their resonance properties
Birthstones by Month and Day of the Week, Alternate
Birthstone, and Birthstone properties and Lore
Color Correspondences
For Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Lavender, Gold,
Silver, Black Brown, White, Peach, Grey, and Gems for each color
Chinese Astrology
Includes Chinese Animals and traits, also elements (earth, water, fire,
wood, or metal), as well as stone resonances and color associations
The Zodiac
Find your Zodiac Sign, your elemental resonance, as well
as stone resonances, color associations, and more…
The Moon
2008-2010 Lunar Phase Chart, Lunar lore and history, plant and
stone correspondences, Lunar magic at specific phases and more…
Monthly Correspondences
Includes Month Lore, and correspondences for each month, including
Power Areas, Numerology, Herbs, Colors, Stones and more
Daily Correspondences
Includes Day Lore, and correspondences for each Day,
including Planets, Zodiac Signs, Angels, Colors and more...
The Chakras
Energetic power centers of the human body, this chart
includes information on what they are and how to use them
Runic Depths
For a further appreciation of Runes and their meanings, this chart
contains more information on the Runes, and deeper meanings for use.
Rune Casting
For beginners; explains Runes and how to use them for
divination.  Includes lore, history and sample interpretations.
Numerology, Simply sheet 1
Information and lore on  Numerology, find your Birth Number
Numerology, Simply sheet 2
Includes how to find your Heart’s Desire Number,
Foundation Color number, and more
Numerology, Simply sheet 3
Includes Number resonances, your Personal Year
Number, and Life Challenges Number(s)
Tarot Meditation with Crystals
Includes Tarot and Stone resonance
correspondences, and subjects for meditation
The Pentagram
Really complete information on what a Pentagram is, including
definitions, history, and examples of historical pentagrams
The Wheel Of The Year
Information and calendar on the Wiccan Holy Days,
Sabbats and Esbats, includes lore, history and more...
Alphabets of Magic
6 complete alphabets like the Theban Alphabet (or Witches Runes),
the Alphabet of the Magi, the Angelic Alphabet and more..
Candle Magic
Includes information, history and instructions,
as well as 6 simple candle spells
Herb Witchery
Contains information on the magical uses of
over 60 of the most common magical herbs
Psychic Protection
Lore and instruction on multiple ways to protect oneself from negative
forces, including through Herbs, angels, stones, trees and more…
The Four Elements
Contains History, lore, and attunement information
on the classic four…Earth, Air, Water and Fire
Contains History, and lore on the manifestations of the Four elements in
their magical incarnations…Gnomes, Sylphs, Undines and Salamanders
Scrying and Pendulums
Contains History, lore and how-to’s on both subjects,
Pendulum information also includes a simple dowsing chart
Hand Analysis
A Palm Reading primer; includes basic information, simple
guides, and sample Palm Reading interpretations
Tree Magick & Lore
Includes Magical properties of Trees and
Tree Traits, and Celtic Birthday Trees
Magical Oil, Incense & Smudging
The metaphysical properties of many Oils and Incense, includes lore
and How-to's for Smudging and cleansing an area of negative energy.
Metal Resonance
Information, Lore and resonances of 12 metals
including Gold, Copper, Iron, Lead and Silver
Animal Totems & Medicine
Includes over 50 animals and their Medicine,
and Animal Totem for each month
Angels & Angel Guardians
Includes a large list of Angels and their domains, how to contact
an Angel guardian, and prayers for protection and safety.
Mercury Retrograde
Pesky mojo jammer that this Retrograde can be, this chart includes
calendars for 2008-2010, lore, information, and what to do about it
Divination Terms & Types
An exhaustive list of many different types of
divination, and their definitions
Being An Esoteric Glossary, 01
A metaphysical and occult word Glossary with definitions, words A-G
Being An Esoteric Glossary, 02
A metaphysical and occult word Glossary with definitions, words H-Z
Lore & information on 21 different occult and religious symbols including
the Triquetra, the Flower of Life, the Anhk, the Caduceus and more...
Gemstones For A Time
Gem correspondences for specific time periods (like the hour) and
specific metaphysical uses (such as strength, prosperity, love…)
Purchase the complete set, all 36 Charts, and get a
30% discount off the price of the charts, and a special
bonus of
free sheet protectors for every chart!
Get the Complete Chart Set
for $24.95!
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