Silky Rayon Pentacle,
in Black and Purple; Comes in 2 sizes
Silky Rayon Pentacle
in Black and Purple; Comes in 1 size
Heavy Cotton Triple Moons
in Black and Gold; Comes in 1 size
36" x 36"  $7.95

18" x 18"  $4.95
21" x 72"  $9.95
24" x 24"
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Altar Kits
for the Elements
Each kit includes items specific to each element.  Useful for replenishing often used ingredients, elementally
resonant tools for a new altar, or items small enough to fit in a pocket for convenient empowerment.
Earth Element
Kit Contents:
Lapis Lazuli Stone,
Magickal Knots with notation,
Paper inscribed with the
Alchemical Symbol for Earth
Air Element
Kit Contents:
Blue Lace Agate stone,
Paper inscribed with the
Alchemical Symbol for Air
Water Element
Kit Contents:
Blessed Sea Shell,
Sea Salt,
Aquamarine stone
Paper inscribed with the,
Alchemical Symbol for Water.
Fire Element
Kit Contents:
Red Jasper stone,
Paper inscribed with the
Alchemical Symbol for fire
Elemental Extras
Kit Contents:
4 complete sets (1 each of
Earth, Air, Water & Fire),
Plus: a Bell,
Pine tree sprig,
Pale Lavender mini candle,
Clear Quartz stone
Earth Element Kit
Air Element Kit
Water Element Kit
Fire Element Kit
Element Extras Kit
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