Try to keep the questions simple; spirits don't have the energy to engage in long or
complex conversation.  If you have no questions to ask, but wish to send a message
of love or concern, then I can relay any response the spirit(s) may give.

Common Questions That Could Be Asked:
Are you healthy?   Are you happy?   Can you see us?   Are you with us?   Is [insert
name] with you?      Are you with [insert name]?   Do you miss me/us?   Can you see
what I/we are doing?    You used to love to dance; can you dance again?

Please Note: There is no guarantee that I will receive specific answers that you are
looking for.  But an answer will be given.

I request at least the first name of the loved one with whom you want to
communicate.  This helps me to contact the spirit in question, and facilitates

Though not necessary, you can include a photograph of the loved one.  If someone
else appears, I will know that they are an advocate, another relative, or friend.

1.   There are times when an advocate will step in to take up the communication for
the loved one enquired about. I have found this situation occurs when the one
sought after is still ill or is very tired.

2.   The duration of communication with one on the other side is quite short, as it
takes a large amount of energy for the subject in question to show themselves
and/or give messages. For this reason, sessions often last only a few minutes.

3.   Many souls will send what I call “key signs,” “key words” or “key visions.”  Only
you (the message recipient) will know the meaning of these “keys,” giving you
confirmation that the spirit I am connecting to is the one you wanted to hear from.

4. At times, there won't be any words communicated, but only a sensation, feeling,
or vision will come to me.  There is no guarantee that I will receive specific answers
that you are looking for.  But an answer will be given.

5. The concerns of those on the other side are different from ours. They care if we are
happy or unhappy, but do not have care for material items or financial means. For
example: They don’t care if you purchased a new car, or the price paid, but they do
care that you are excited about your new car.

6. Though their perspective has changed, those who have crossed over rarely share
any information they might have about the future.

7. My Readings and communications with the spirits are for sending and receiving
messages; I choose only to be a conduit for communication.  I do not send spirits
“Into the Light."
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page where you can provide me with your Messages/concerns.
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