Born with the ability to psychically see and know the future, an added gift was given
me in that I can sense and/or communicate with those who have crossed over.

I am a Spirit Sensitive; I see, sense, hear, or feel spirits as if they were living beings.
I don’t consider myself a medium, as I don’t use trances, nor do I “channel” spirits.

What this means is that I can sense the presence of spirits,
or sometimes perceive them in full manifestation.

With the aid of my gift, I can help you communicate
with a deceased family member or friend.

I have discovered that there is a common thread with most of
the spirits I communicate with. They want to let you know they
are all right, they love you and they miss you. Often, once they have
been able to impart this, then a personal message will come through.

Though no longer physically present, the Love, Care,
and Concern for their living descendants endures.
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