I am a Psychic Reader, and have used stones as my tool of choice since 1984.

I use 116 different kinds of Stones, Crystals, and other Earth's elements;
as well as few others like a Feather, a Manzanita Stick, Coral and Sea Shells;
Each piece is programed with its own meaning.

A client will choose 4 Stones, for a Mini Reading, or 9 Stones for a Full Reading.
These chosen stones will then show me future events coming into your life, suggest
options or bring enlightenment on dealing with a future or present situation.

I strive to give  upbeat, encouraging Readings.
I give only vision and options.
I believe that if you are aware of an  event,
you can alter or stop it,
welcome it with open arms and enthusiasm.
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50 Stones for Divination,
Spiritual Awareness
and Healing
Sandie's Psychic Stones book
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