: M a r k _aka B e a r_ _aka T.V.I. Ghostwriter_ :
The ascetic's knowledge of the paranormal, and expertise in writing, make an excellent pairing exclusively for T.V.I. The informative and reasoned written contributions from Mark (aka Ghostwriter) manifests the spirit of dedication and enthusiasm of the T.V.I. Team. Spiritual and scientific, Mark brings many levels of perception to bear on any encounter. An intuitive and energy resonant psychic, Mark is sensitive to ambient and environmental energy impressions, adding depth to all investigative knowledge.
: C a r o l y n :
As a sensitive who goes about investigations quietly and thoroughly looking for subtleties in the environment, Carolyn is keen to pick up the paranormal activities in the nooks and crannies. This ability is very important toward aiding TVI in effecting a complete and professional investigation for our clients.
: C a r o l :
As a sensitive Psychic, Carol feels the energies of a room, quickly feels any changes in temperature and pressure, and can follow that energy as it moves around. The photos she captures are phenomenal and Carol is an EVP expert.
: S h a n t e l l :
A Sensitive all of her life, she adds a nice perspective during interviews, picking up detailed facts that are pertinent to any investigation. Her youth is an asset for the younger spirits as they feel comfortable speaking with her.
: K a t h ' l e e n :
Upbeat and positive, yet calm and collected, she is the teams' Power Pack; she helps to keep us alert, energized and aware. An asset on every plane of our investigations. A very measured and insightful person as well, she doesn't jump to hasty conclusions. She is blessed with the spirituality of her Native American heritage, and has power at her fingertips. Kath'leen's reassuring manner has helped on many occasions to gain us access to places normally restricted from public access (what a treat!). She's also shy.
: S a n d i e :
An intuitive Psychic in her career, her abilities include seeing and hearing (in detail) those who have crossed over; messages to and from the spiritual world can be sent via this lady. A lifelong spirit seer, Sandie has many years of experience dealing with spirits and ghosts. She also has much experience helping people who have been troubled by paranormal activity. Spirits like her, and when Sandie asks them to, they will cluster for incredible pictures to be taken. As well, Sandie uses her psychic abilities as a remote viewer for paranormal investigations from afar.
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: D e b i L y n n :
A Sensitive, DebiLynn brings to T.V.I amazing spirit communications using small electronic devices, combined with her abilities to hear and see those 'on the other side.' An asset to T.V.I on every level. DebiLynn is also a Psychic-Intuitive, using Runes as her tool of choice for Divination.
: S t e v e n:
Steven is a Documentary Artist and Filmographer. Having wide-ranging involvement and connections in filmmaking, Steven has created individual documentaries as well as with Movie Company projects which have aired on major television networks. Several of these documentaries are about supernatural and preternatural biopics. Steven is a wonderful asset to the Thin Veil Investigative team, in gaining spectral images and footage for our cache of paranormal data.