Following the bright lure of shiny Golden and Silvered dreams, many of the unfortunates who visited and lived in early Virginia City found instead the counterpoint theme of Misery, Suffering and Death.

This addendum to the "Weird" volumes is not some coy narrative to share how townsfolk softly expire before they become afterlife citizens. Too often, in print and in speech, insipid tales of "agony" and "horror" are regurgitated as titillating ghost stories; to spook and thrill audiences.

Real people lived here that have been forgotten; that led lives that are now unknown; their stories written, but decaying in dusty corners. But no longer.

Weird Haunted Virginia City recites from extensive research into factual incidents, presenting some of the bazaar, strange and odd passing of personages, including cases of inhumane behaviors to fellow residents, as well as descriptions, reports and anecdotes of some of the major destruction that occurred during the city's "halcyon days."

These pages offer the reader a compelling insight that may show a contributing relationship to the numerous spirit presences involving themselves in earthly matters throughout this very haunted location: Virginia City, Nevada.

Weird 'Haunted' Virginia City
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