Blessed at birth with the Gift to foresee the future, Sandie's career is as an Intuitive Psychic who uses her own uniquely devised visionary Reading method: Stones. Using 117 different minerals for intuiting since 1984, Sandie has strived to give positive and encouraging Readings of what a client's future holds or to give suggestions on dealing with present day issues.

Too, Sandie is a Spirit Sensitive. This means she has the ability to see, hear and communicate with those who are deceased. Sandie can receive and send messages to and from the spiritual world.

As a lifelong Spirit Seer, Sandie has many years of experience dealing with ghosts and entities. She is a member of the paranormal investigations group titled Thin Veil Investigators, established in 2005. This ghost hunting team has conducted investigations in private and public buildings, as well as exclusive locations. TVI is a unique investigative team, as each member has one or more Sensitive or Psychic abilities.
Add to Sandie's resume the title of author; to date, she has written many books in the genre of what she terms, "Historic/Paranormal." The books describe the history of a particular building, and the paranormal findings she, and Thin Veil Investigators, have discovered.
La Nae has also written books covering the spiritual properties of stones, compilations of haunted northern Nevada sites, a text book for her Ghost Hunting class, and is a published poet.
Too, La Nae is co-authoring a series of books titled "Weird..." (...Reno, ...Carson City, ...Virginia City, ... 'Haunted' Virginia City, ...Silver Terrace Cemetery) with Nevada Historical Society's 'Special Works' historian, Arline La Ferry.

"Psychic Creations" is an access television show, since May 2013, with Sandie as host. The subject content is that of the Metaphysical, Paranormal, Spiritual, Holistic Health Specialties, along with special guests such as local authors, business owners, historical lecturers, artisans and musicians.
Also, Sandie is host in a new (2017) TV show titled: Psychic Creations: History Series. This is a program where she interviews performers who portray pioneers and historical figures of the Old West (mid 1800s +).

To further, Sandie is a Remote Viewer. This term means she is able to visualize places far away in detail. La Nae works with law enforcement agents, cold case detectives, as well as several ghost hunting teams around the United States, remote viewing their investigations with amazing accuracy.
Joining together Sandie's psychic and remote viewing abilities, she works closely with Simone Di Santi, a filmographer and historian in Italy. Together they collaborate and create a mini-documentary show titled: Psychic Archaeology.